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Helene and Lip
Just when you think Lip's sex life couldn't get any stranger, he becomes the boytoy of his wealthy, intelligent professor. It's weird enough that she has to sneak out of Lip's dorm room from time to time, but Helene Runyon Robinson also has an open sexual agreement with her husband that Lip (and the average viewer) isn't entirely comfortable with. It's yet another example of Lip's upper-class college life crossing paths with his ghetto upbringing.

Riley led the Lakers to four championships. Dressed in sleek Italian suits with his hair slicked back with mousse, he added to the team's Hollywood image. Riley was also innovative on defense; he was one of the first coaches to employ a 1-3-1 half-court trap to pick up the pace of the game. [20] Though the Showtime Lakers were known for their offense, they won championships with their defense. [21] In Cooper, they had one of the top defensive stoppers in the game. [22] The league-wide perception was that the Lakers played with finesse and were not physical enough to win in the playoffs. Riley's mantra was "no rebounds, no rings", reinforcing the need to fight for rebounds in order to win championships. [23]

A professional gambler (Philip Baker Hall) teaches the tricks of the trade to a luckless young man (John C. Reilly), who does well until he falls for a side-hustling cocktail waitress (Gwyneth Paltrow). The debut feature of writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Patrick McCaw : Another player whose presence on the roster brings praise for the Warriors. McCaw's numbers and percentages weren't that impressive as a rookie, but he looked as though he belonged on both ends as the Warriors put him on the floor with a wide variety of lineups. McCaw won't turn 22 until October, and it will be interesting to see if he can do more as a featured part of an offense.

Johnson has the distinction of being the NBA’s all-time leading scorer among players with no All-Star appearances with 19,202 points, an average of points per game. One of the NBA’s best pure jump shooters, “.” shot percent from the field and percent from the foul line while playing for Kansas City/Sacramento, Phoenix, Seattle, Charlotte, Indiana, Denver and Houston.

For Morton, the work is an act of resistance. It highlights the personal and collective turmoil wrought by Trump’s torrent of inadequacies. Visit the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art website . Lynn Trimble

Phoenix - ShowtimePhoenix - ShowtimePhoenix - ShowtimePhoenix - Showtime