The hekawis the hekawis

 · The Armed Farces trope as used in popular culture. Simply put, military humor. This particular brand of funny centers on stereotypically dim-witted ...

One of the more popular of the many Wild West adventure series targeted at kids to be released during the 50's. This program followed the lonely life of rugged frontiersman Kit Carson and his Mexican friend, El Toro, as they roamed the southwest righting wrongs and bringing outlaws to justice. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>

The Hekawis are 50/50 partners in everything they do with O'Rourke Enterprises. They make most of the company's products, usually in the form of Indian souvenirs (on a commercial scale) and whiskey for the town saloon. They are a peace-loving tribe, (mainly due to cowardice) and self described as "the tribe that invented the peace pipe", "lovers, not fighters" and "proud descendents of cowards". Profit minded, the Hekawis look to be paid when O’Rourke needs them to do something like orchestrate a fake attack on the fort and will haggle over the price and how many braves would be in the attack (when O'Rourke balks at the price, the Chief reminds him that the Apache will gladly make a real attack on the fort for free). But because it had been such a long time since they had been on the "warpath" when the series started Agarn has to teach the Hekawis how to do a war dance, a clip of which was shown in the first season opening credits. [5] Anytime the tribe wants to contact the fort they use smoke signals which only O'Rourke can read. In one episode [2] (and referred to in another), [3] the Hekawis have a "Playbrave Club" (a parody of Playboy Club ) complete with go-go dancing and 1960s style music.

The Hekawis The HekawisThe Hekawis The HekawisThe Hekawis The HekawisThe Hekawis The Hekawis