The hillside singers - were together

We are LOVING this musical, the songs are super catchy and the children are relishing it! Can’t wait to get the costumes sorted…hilarious! Laura Marne, Year 5/6 Teacher

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Meanwhile, Wayne asks Emily to spend the evening with him, but she declines because she has a previous engagement to host a birthday party for Marty ( William Marshall ), the man who sings with her in the band. She invites Wayne to come to the party instead. A song plugger named McGee ( Frank McHugh ) arrives with a new song he wants Emily to sing, but she and Marty brush him off, so McGee gives Wayne a copy of the song and asks him to pass it along to Emily. That night at the party, Emily asks Wayne to sing. Wayne demurs at first but after Marty makes fun of him, Wayne takes out the song McGee gave him ("Isn't It Kind of Fun?") and sings it with Emily to the applause of the guests. Marty, who has been drinking and seems jealous, finds out Wayne got the song from McGee and insinuates that McGee probably paid Wayne to promote the song to Emily and that Wayne is "cashing in" on his friendship with Emily. Wayne gets angry, punches Marty and walks out. Emily runs after Wayne and tells him she will get rid of the party guests and spend the rest of the evening just with him. They kiss and embrace.

As ever, the constructive comments of the CQC are welcomed and we are delighted that in this latest inspection improvements could already be seen at Hillside. We are continuing to work with the CQC to make further improvements here and the wellbeing of our residents is always our top priority.

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The Hillside Singers - Were TogetherThe Hillside Singers - Were TogetherThe Hillside Singers - Were TogetherThe Hillside Singers - Were Together