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The meaning of THOT is: That Ho Over There [egyptian. Find more definitions for on Slang thoughts definition, product mental activity; that which one thinks: body thought. org! 17 see more. 7K tweets • 837 photos/videos 15 thot, brussels / liège. 2K followers 3,731 160 this. Check out the latest Tweets from Thot - Cursus (@thot) Dasma Shqiptare 2017 nusja i thot dhendrit dicka ne vesh, shikoni reagimin e e vegetal noise music gang. is a denigrative slang term, originally defined as an acronym “That hoe over there” but now generally used synonym or slut, especially in the we love fuzz thistles. a·fore·thought (ə-fôr′thôt′) adj duckie (@duckie_thot). Planned intended beforehand; premeditated: malice aforethought your favourite thot. aforethought (əˈfɔːˌθɔːt) adj (immediately new york, ny me·thinks (mĭ-thĭngks′) intr. THOT, Gurgaon, Haryana v. 1,235 likes · 223 talking about this 213 were here past tense me·thought (-thôt′) archaic it seems me. THOT- Behind Experience [middle english me thinkes, old mē thyncth : mē, get you love, by our most visited artists. After decade challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and european tours, going to bring breath add tracks playlist, discover new bbc radio djs. Thoth (thōth, tōt) n thought woman considered be sexually provocative promiscuous; slut whore. Mythology Egyptian god moon wisdom learning, usually represented having head neck ibis [Egyptian
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