Lucerne - synesthesia

Fluent Films also has several high profile literary properties currently being developed into feature films and limited series. 

Jennifer M. Barker , Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Moving Image Studies – Cinema and the Senses – Touch – Hearing – Proprioception – Synaesthesia

From the Kantian binary of nature and humanity, the body of man and his “animalistic mentality” are incorporated into the natural world, but Chen Fei is more Nietzschean in thought process. He consciously constructs a stalemate between nature and humanity, reversing humanistic expression by making the natural state the source of life and creativity. For example, Wasp (2013) depicts a scene within a small convenience store. Pig brain is for sale in the foreground; on the counter is a copy of Die Leiden des jungen Werther; a  wasp nest hangs from the roof, while anatomy posters of genital organs hang in the distance. Each of these elements carries a symbolic meaning. The narrative relationship between the young man and woman putting out the bedding seems, on one hand, like simple love, while on the other, details of this summer day unconsciously reveal something: the stinky pig brain and impassioned humming of the wasp nest, the male and female protagonists losing themselves in this situation. Symbolic elements not only lend a literary nature to the imagery, but also evoke synesthesia. In the feat of combining senses, Chen Fei benefits from his accumulated experience in artistic direction for films.
His narrative themes drift through many changes, but Chen Fei’s male figures are almost always self-portraits, and the female figures are also always the same woman, the four corners of the canvas framed to capture the two in the “performance” of different roles. However, Chen Fei’s “performances” and theatricality, here, are meant to compensate for the boredom inflected by surplus historicizing. From one angle, the world’s current dilemma seems to overlap with painting’s.

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Lucerne is a progressive/electronic jazz project from Pelham, NY started by keyboardist Christian Longoria and guitarist Sebastian Martinez in 2016.

Leoš Janáček based his work on the rhythms and speech melodies of the Czech language. For his autobiographically inspired piano cycle On an Overgrown Path, which will be heard in a new arrangement for strings, the French author Maïa Brami has created a fairy-tale that evokes fresh associations. Concert, 20 August 2017, , Kirchensaal MaiHof .