Vincenzo bellini - i puritani

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Music Director: Joshua Bell
Founding President: Sir Neville Marriner CH, CBE
Principal Guest Conductor: Murray Perahia KBE
Director / Leader: Tomo Keller
Academy of St Martin in the Fields is an operating name of Academy Concerts Society
Charity Registration No. 289294
Registered in England No. 1808488

Calling all aspiring Wagnerians: I have a spare press ticket to a semi-staged production of Tristan and Isolde in Birmingham this Saturday March 3. Anyone willing to join me email @

Il pirata was given outside Italy for the first time in February 1828. Herbert Weinstock notes that in many of its presentations throughout Europe and North America, it was the first Bellini opera to be heard. [14] These include the first UK performance in April 1830 and the first in the USA in December 1832. [15]

A dramatic coloratura is characterized by thick vocal chords capable of producing a dark and large sound, but with the coloratura flexibility capable of performing runs and cadences with great ability. If you don’t t have the flexibility of a coloratura voice and you have a dramatic sound then you are not a dramatic coloratura. The dramatic coloratura has an extraordinary range, most of the great bel canto sopranos (and the roles written for them) were Sfogatos which is essentially the type of soprano Callas was talking about when she coined the term dramatic coloratura. The Sfogatos are arguably not different from Mozart’s dramatischer Koloratursopran, the Constaze’s and Queen’s of the opera world, just a few generations after. That dark thick power, the flexibility and an enormous range (mine is A2 to A6 although I can hit a C7 but why bother). The point being, a lack of flexibility DOES NOT indicate a dramatic coloratura.

  Chorus and cavatina: Oh divina Agnese
Preghiera: Deh! se mi amasti
March and Chorus: Come ah come!
* #465308 - , 12 pp. -  /10 2 4 6 8 10 ( - )  - V / V / V - 2 × ⇩ - Zeyarshwe

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Vincenzo Bellini - I PuritaniVincenzo Bellini - I PuritaniVincenzo Bellini - I PuritaniVincenzo Bellini - I Puritani