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It was late in the day when Lisa passed by Chris's desk. Most staff were already in the process of casually chatting about their evening plans or just drifting out the door.

She paused and smiled at him, "How are things going?"

Chris looked up at his boss, expression neutral waiting for her to continue.

"I really need to know where you're at with that App. I know its late, but have you got a moment to run me through where you are at in the development?"

"Sure Lisa, I kind of expected you'd want to have a chat. I've got a demo to show you. Your office in 15 minutes?"

Lisa glanced at the clock, smiled and nodded. She liked Chris; he was a good employee, dependable and reliable. She just wished sometimes he'd show a little more balls.

Chris caught the lift up to Lisa's office on the top floor. As he exited the lift he said good night to Alison, Lisa's EA as she stepped in to leave. The floor was deserted now and the lights dimmed, giving a brilliant view of the incandescent city skyline at dusk. Lisa's office was in the corner and commanded brilliant views of the metropolis. He walked straight in to find her there sitting on her desk.

Lisa didn't waste any time, flashing a genuine smile that filled her face with warmth. She was an attractive woman, confident and intelligent. She was also very ambitious, imaginative and domineering. With a gesture she guided Chris to a comfortable leather chair. Chris sat obediently, knowing he had already heard the talk Lisa was about to give him...

"Chris, honestly you're one of my favourites here. You are super intelligent, you're incredibly capable and you're always reliable. But while I can count on you for those things, there is something missing in your repertoire."

She paused, studying her subject. As a leader, she prided herself in knowing her team and guiding them by understanding their individual psychology.

"You see Chris, I know I'm doing my job properly when my team start anticipating and doing the things this company needs without me telling them to. Get it?"

Chris's expression betrayed a look of uncertainty on how to answer.

"Yes I do. I've been working hard on getting my work to the level you demand."

Lisa raised a hand to cut him off, "I want you to get bigger picture, immerse yourself into the project, let it consume you. Be outrageous in the concept, but be sure that the end result is user satisfaction."

Lisa smiled at Chris, her dark hair catching the last of the summer sunshine as it set behind the skyline. She leaned forward, her dress revealing a glorious décolletage and a hint of her delicious scent lingering in the air. Their eyes locked, as she looked down at him like a lioness about to pounce on her prey.

Chris betrayed some nerves as he pulled out his phone, "Lets have a look at my presentation..."

Lisa leaned back slightly on her desk, parting her legs slightly, revealing a small glimpse of smooth flesh above the knee. Internally she was reveling in exerting this power over Chris. Over years in male dominated workplaces she had learnt how to manipulate men through subtle visual cues, without ever compromising her integrity. She had studied neuroscience at University, knew how the brain worked, understood the psychology of people and used it very effectively in business. It was the secret of her success.

Chris continued, "Here we go. I made a short video. Lets play it on your screen."

Lisa picked up the remote control and lit up the 60-inch screen on the office wall. "Ok lets see what you can do Chris. Don't disappoint me with more mediocre bullshit. You've been working on this game-changing app for a couple of months now. I'm expecting something truly mind-blowing. Don't, disappoint me."

Lisa eased into the high backed white leather swivel chair behind her desk. Chris stood nervously off to her right and brought up a screen with the word HypnoApp.

"Lisa, I present to you the HypnoApp."

"That's great Chris. Have you actually made the app. I don't need another presentation."

"I have- it's already on your phone." Chris's voice got lower as he spoke, Lisa detecting nerves.

Lisa looked at her phone and swiped through her apps until she saw HypnoApp. She was puzzled; she hadn't downloaded it, had she? She instinctively opened it. The screen morphed into a series of hypnotic patterns, with the sound of peaceful distant clock chimes. Time seemed to pause and what could have been just moments could have been hours. The now darkened skyline seemed to freeze, all her focus seemed to evaporate, and her relentless drive stilled. It was like slipping out of her mind and into something more comfortable. She let out an involuntary sigh and relaxed. It seemed as if her mind had cleared and her body had been physically refreshed. It was if the pressures of work had dissipated, and she was on holiday at her favourite destination.

She fixed her eyes on Chris, and purred, "Wow, I don't know what you did or how you did but I feel really good."

Lisa noted the tone in her own voice. It wasn't right.

"There are plenty of relaxation apps on the market, why is this one diffeLisat?" She asked the question with gentle enquiry, without a hint of the usual Lisa the boss. She didn't understand what was happening, it was as if she couldn't change her behavior.

"I'll show you," said Chris now sounding confident.

Lisa looked up at him from the chair as he stood to her side and suddenly realized he was in control of the situation. But strangely it didn't bother her, she felt relaxed and happy for him to lead. Maybe her leadership was finally rubbing off on him. She was happily lost in her thoughts when she gazed up to the video.

The screen showed Chris walking into her office confidently and talking to directly to camera with a big smile.

"Hi Lisa. I'm so glad to be able to give you this presentation. But before I start, a quick thank you for your personal guidance and confidence in me. You inspired me to give this app a go, and even when I thought it wouldn't work you encouraged me to keep going."

Lisa felt flushed with pride at Chris's recognition. Her body hummed, she didn't know why she felt this way, but felt no urge to fight it.

"And secondly, I really hope you enjoy what this app can do for you." Chris smiled at the camera before continuing, "Now I've got something to show you."

Lisa's eyes widened, it was the back of her white chair up on the screen, and the one she was sitting in. She felt a rush of anticipation when she realized someone was in it. Chris spun it around to reveal a woman in underwear, wrists bound to the chair arms, white hood on her head.

On screen Chris looked real life Lisa in the eye. "Comfortable? I hope so. There is no need to feel scared, everything you see is going to turn you on and pleasure you. And don't worry, I'm right here in the room with you."

Lisa realized that the real life Chris was now standing behind her chair, his hands resting on her shoulders, almost massaging her. She didn't know how to respond, nor did she want to. She heard Chris's words and felt relaxed. She wanted to see what happened next.

On screen Chris continued, "Now from this moment on you will refer to me as Master, that is now my name. The woman you are about to see is a dominant personality. Normally confident, intelligent and attractive, I'm now going to turn her into a submissive fucktoy for my pleasure."

Screen Chris placed his hand on the hood and removed it to reveal Lisa with a ball gag in her mouth.

"This is my boss Lisa, but for the purpose of this video she will be called Slave."

Lisa squirmed in her chair. She was shocked, but not disturbed. Her body hummed, her cunt pulsed. She knew none of this was right, but she felt in a totally diffeLisatly place, one where this scene seemed to make sense. She knew she could depend on Chris, she felt safe. She was feeling arousal and wanted to see what would happen next.

On screen Master slowly kissed the Slave as he removed her ball gag. Lisa couldn't believe how tender Master was with his slave as they kissed deeply for the camera. Her cunt pulsed as Slave moaned in a tone so familiar to her and Chris gently stroked her hair. The scene was completely surreal; it felt as if she was part of her own lucid dream.

On screen Master gently but firmly grasped Slave by the hair and presented her to the camera, so she was staring down the barrel in close-up. Her face looked passive but seLisae. Eyes sparkling, cheeks flushed, lips full. Lisa stared into her own eyes and felt herself fall further into the scene, she started to yield to her submissive side.

Chris leaned forward and whispered a soft decadent tone into Lisa's ear,

"Look at her. That slave is submissive Lisa, stripped on her dominance, subjugated by a man that knows how to knows what she really wants."

Lisa watched in silence, consumed by the scene on the screen as Master pulled his thick, semi erect cock from his trousers and presented it to the slave's mouth. Tongue out, she started to lick the head with gentle teasing flicks, before sealing her lips around the head. Master caressed her head gently as he stood still and let her move her mouth further down his hard shaft, sucking him hard.

"Look at Slave Lisa. Look at how she pleasures him. You do that too, but you're always in control. You choose to give a man pleasure your way, dominating, deciding how a man will receive. You give great head, but Slave can do even better than you. She will let a man use her mouth for pleasure. Watch..."

Chris gently nibbled Lisa's ear and neck as he whispered his words. She felt as if she was floating on air, her body alive with arousal, and her eyes wide open as she watched the scene before her. Master now was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into Slave's mouth. Saliva was running down her chin and she was making slight gagging sounds as his cock thrust in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed but her expression was one of delight with the joy of service.

"Look at the Whore take that cock Lisa. Look at how she sucks it deep, look how she loves to give herself to him. You don't suck like that, do you? Look at the pleasure that Slave gives him."

Lisa felt her cheeks flush red with embarrassment, Chris was right. She was always in control, even when she gave pleasure to others she was trying to dominate. Yet this strange girl on the screen who seemed so familiar had let go and given herself to her Master's cock. It was clear that in her abandonment, she was in raptures of pleasure, even as he fucked her throat.

The mix of emotion inside Lisa was explosive. She spread her knees wide apart to try to ease the burning in her cunt. Chris's hands on her shoulders made her feel secure, even though she was humiliated by the video. The Master was fucking his Slaves throat, spilling her saliva from her mouth as she gagged, down onto her breasts. Pushing deep and notching the head of his cock in her throat, holding it there, exercising his power over her, before withdrawing his whole length and letting more silken threads of saliva spill from her mouth. Lisa had never imagined that submission could look so erotic and desirable.

"Why don't you ever do that to me Lisa, hmmm?" Chris whispered, "Why don't you ever let me fuck your throat like that. I think you'd enjoy it, don't you?"

Lisa tried to speak, but no words came, just a low moan of pleasure that sounded identical to the Slave. She couldn't explain how she felt, but she desperately wanted to show Chris she could give herself to him like the Slave. If she were able to move, she would drop to her knees and deep throat him right now.

After holding his cock down her throat one last time, Master withdrew and kissed his Slave deeply again as he undid the ties on her wrists. The girl on the screen was positively glowing with satisfaction, knowing she had just pleased a man properly.

Lisa badly want to touch her cunt and pleasure herself, but her hands just wouldn't move. The lifelessness in her body was at complete odds with the energy of arousal inside her. She ached to touch Chris, to please him, to show him how submissive she could be with the right man. It was just that she'd never had the right opportunity before.

She drew a deep breath as she watched the story unfold before her. Master had now sat Slave on Lisa's desk and spread her legs wide, totally exposing a gloriously aroused bare pink cunt. Thick, full labia pouted with stimulation. The Slave's familiar fingers slid up her silky thighs and spread her sex wide, opening her cunt right up and exposing her clit to the camera. The Slave let out a sigh of pleasure and Lisa involuntarily gasped with delight, the two exclamations in harmony.

Master caressed Slave's breasts, taking time to tease her erect nipples.

"Hold." He commanded Slave.

Obediently she drew a deep breath and held it, while he teased her labia and clit with an exquisitely deft touch, before plunging two fingers into her cunt. He pumped her rhythmically, twisting and thrusting his digits into her while she held her breath, her face flushing.

Chris leant forward and caressed Lisa's breasts through her dress as they watched Master pleasure Slave together.

"Look how he uses her cunt. Look how she lets him use it. Look how she holds her breath for him. You don't ever do that do you? You are too busy being a dominant cuntress."

Lisa couldn't take her eyes off the scene. Master now had three fingers inside his Slave and she looked like she would burst if she didn't breathe soon.

"Breathe.", Master ordered and Slave shrieked as she let the old air out and the new air in.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, god yes.... Fuck me Please Master." She screamed breathlessly.

Master pushed her back on the desk and the camera captured his long hard cock as it pushed straight into her open glistening cunt in a single thrust- straight up to his balls.

Lisa felt her cunt oozing arousal into her knickers as she watched Master pound the Slave's juicy cunt, taking it and using it for his pleasure. Why was it she never just let a man fuck her like this, use her like a fucktoy? Why did she never take the opportunity to let go and enjoy a man claiming her cunt as his? It was humiliating for her to realize that not only had she been denying her lovers such pleasure, but she had also been denying herself.

"Oh Master, please let me cum. Please, I need to cum, please."

Slave begged for her sexual release. It was obvious she needed it, but it was obvious Master would not give it yet.

"Kneel up on the desk, show me your cunt and asshole."

Slave did as ordered and Lisa was confronted with a gigantic view of her cunt. The Master's hands worked quickly to spread and clamp both labia with weights. He dropped the heavy balls from his hands and they instantly swung under their own weight and opened her cunt up, allowing an intimate view of her pink fuck hole.

Master then turned to the camera and addressed Lisa and Chris directly.

"Look at this slave. Look at her cunt, how she has given it to me. Her whole body now is wired to her own sexual pleasure simply by giving over control. Her whole body is an erogenous zone, she is nothing but a giant clit. Look how she has let me use her like a fucktoy, everything I do causes her pleasure. What a wonderful girl."

Chris's hands were still caressing Lisa's body. Their movement felt like electricity was coursing through her. Shame, desire and lust. Wanton lust. The need to be fucked and used like the Slave in front of her. The need to let go with abandon and let a man take control of her pleasure. Even though she couldn't move or speak she wanted to let Chris know she wanted to give herself to him completely, she wanted him to have her however he wanted.

Master looked down the camera into Lisa's eyes as if he were in the room.

"Lisa- this is your chance now. If you want to experience real pleasure, give yourself over, give yourself up."

Lisa stared into Master's eyes, unable to break his gaze as Chris gently lifted her out of the chair and positioned her over her desk in the exact same position as the Slave. Master stared hypnotically into Lisa's eyes and she felt her cunt pulsing in time to his words. She was wanton with lust now; she had never felt anything like it before. She was completely sexualized, like she had become a giant clit.

Chris bunched Lisa's dress around her waist and reaching for scissors, pulled her soaked panties away from her cunt and cut them off exposing her sex to the cool air.

Master asked the question again," Lisa, will you give yourself over? Will you give yourself to Chris, let him take you to raptures of pleasure, like Slave does for me?"

Lisa nodded. She wanted to be like Slave, to please a man like Slave could. She couldn't do that and she was ashamed at herself for it. This was her chance to redeem herself. She found her voice, "Yes Master".

" Good girl. ", Master smiled, "But don't tell me, I want you to say it to Chris."

Lisa's head was spinning with need and desire. Without thinking, without a moment's thought she spoke, not hearing the words until after they were said.

"God, fuck me Chris. Take me any way you wish. Use me, dominate me, subjugate me with your cock, and just fuck me until I cum. I am yours to claim."

As Chris pushed his fingers into Lisa's cunt, Lisa watched Master do the same thing to his Slave. As Chris pushed a finger slicked in Lisa's cunt juices into her asshole, Master did the same too. The two scenes had become synchronized. Lisa was watching herself being taken simultaneously.

Unable to avert her eyes, Lisa watched as Master knelt up on the desk above his Slaves beautiful round butt. As he pushed the head of his cock to her tight puckered hole, she felt Chris do the same to her.

"Open for me Lisa, I want to get inside you. I want to fuck your ass"

Chris was completely inside her head, as he said the words her body responded and she relaxed her ass. On screen Masters cock eased slowly into his Slave's asshole and she felt Chris do the same to her. She watched as he pushed forward, the thick, heavy shaft stretching her wide. She moaned loudly in delight, as did the Slave. His cock continued, all the way, his hands spreading her cheeks until he was all the way in. His lips on her neck, biting gently as he started to thrust inside her. She started to moan loudly, over and over, her whole body a wrapper of pleasure over tightly wound sexual tension.

Chris fucked her with his whole length now. He was strong, powerful and completely in control of her pleasure as he pounded into her ass. She needed to feel him cum, to lose his load because of her.

"Use me Chris, take my ass, use it, fuck it hard until you cum. I'm yours, I'm your fucktoy, take me for your pleasure, fuck me hard until you cum..."

On hearing this Chris just let go and thrust wildly into her, she could feel his cock thicken with orgasm as he bucked into her. She looked to the screen and saw Master's balls tighten, heard the Slave scream with pleasure and Chris grunt in her ear, before her own orgasm started and the room became a blur of colour, sound and pleasure from beyond this dimension.

Lisa came so hard she felt herself squirt with the intensity of her pleasure. The rapture seemed to go on for ever, elevating her to a place beyond the physical realm, perhaps somewhere deep within her own mind. She now understood the need to find her submissive side, to give herself over and not to top from the bottom. Unless she found a man to give herself to, she could never realize her deepest and most decadent fantasies and experience the ultimate pleasure.

Having made that decision, her mind felt clear again and everything that had happened in the minutes before seemed to be forgotten in an instant.

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