Brightener - headroom

Sam Skinner is a musician based out of the tri-state area. He graduated from SUNY Purchase in the Spring of 2016 with a degree in Studio Composition. He has been touring since 2012, performing internationally with bands Pinegrove, Pupppy, and Tawny Peaks. Sam would be very happy to record, mix, master, and/or perform on your record.

So I promised myself that the next record would leave my hands while it was fresh to me, and I started recording in my bedroom again. Added some new pedals to my pedalboard and played more electric guitar on the floor. Bought a Juno-60 synthesizer. Recorded vocals in a closet, recorded drums at a friend's house. Went months without writing, then recorded three songs in a weekend and forgot to feed myself. Arranged 10 seconds of music on the weeknights. Wrote a lotta stuff that won't see the light of day.

brightener - Headroombrightener - Headroombrightener - Headroombrightener - Headroom